Slide Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, Center for Community Investment, and Minnesota Housing announce the 2023 Minnesota Healthcare Learning Cohort Fellows.

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Housing & Health Equity Fellows Program

Advancing Housing & Health Equity Investments in Minnesota

This Minnesota Healthcare Learning Cohort offers multiple networked relationships, expertise, and support to expand individual knowledge and capacity as well as an institutional commitment to advance or accelerate investment in upstream social determinants of health and housing.

Each Fellows Team brings a vision, goal, or strategy that will be further developed with the process, tools, and resources provided through participation in the Learning Cohort.

The cohort model brings like minded healthcare leaders together in a safe space, to explore opportunities and innovation around expanding investments in upstream housing solutions which address health equity. GMHF’s Housing & Health equity approach combines economic and social returns, a double bottom-line win for healthcare institutions.

Meetings Schedule

The H&HE Learning Cohort will gather six times throughout 2023, as follows:

  • March 28-29 – First in-person convening – A day and a half.
  • May 16-18Accelerating Health Equity Conference (pre-session and de-brief lunch meeting).
  • June 21 – Half-day virtual convening on Zoom.
  • August 1-2 – In-person day and a half meeting.
  • October 12 – Half-day virtual convening on Zoom.
  • November 30 – Final Presentation and Celebration – In-person gathering.


Benefits to Investing in Social Determinants of Health



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