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Application Instructions

Please complete the application (download button above) and submit via email to emuschler@gmhf.com

There may be additional items to attach based on your question responses and directions in the application. Selected “fellows’ teams” will need to demonstrate the following through the application submission:

  • Commitment by senior leadership of the healthcare institution signaling institutional interest in investment opportunities that improve community health through social determinants of health such as the preservation or production of affordable housing. Attach a letter of support from CEO or C-Suite leadership with the completed application.
  • Identification of a small team of at least three and up to six cross-departmental members. Departments not limited to but might include finance or treasury, population health, government or community affairs, facilities planning & development, or community benefit/ engagement.
  • Capacity and influence of the team to develop and implement an organizational strategy or plan that advances investments in opportunities that connect health, housing, and racial equity or a specific current project that can be accelerated and advanced through and during participation in this cohort.
  • Commitment to participate fully in a learning community (including participating fully in in-person and virtual workshops) with other healthcare organizations and with other invited guests from the housing, community development, and equity fields.
  • Articulation of a planned result that includes shifting investment strategy and resources toward upstream solutions to community health, racial equity, and affordable housing.
Eligibility for Application

Eligible Applicants: Healthcare professionals and leaders representing healthcare plans, health systems, hospitals, and other health organizations that are striving to advance upstream solutions to community health through investment practices that align mission and impact to address social determinants of health through affordable housing.

Costs: Participation in the MN Healthcare Learning Cohort is free to fellows. The only costs are the time and effort required to participate fully.

Team Make-up: Selected teams will have at least three and up to six members from the healthcare institution. The team should represent cross departmental perspectives on advancing community health outcomes through investments in social determinants of health. Departments are not limited to, but might include finance or treasury, population health, government or community affairs, facilities planning & development, or community engagement.

Selection Process: All applications will be reviewed, and acceptance of the fellow team proposal will be determined by a combined panel of national and local leaders affiliated with the core partners. We will also consider the geographic distribution and mix of proposals that offer complementary learning opportunities and strategies to enhance the cohort’s experience.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be selected based on the following criteria (note: response space in this application will be limited):

  • 15 Points – A summary of purpose and intent. How does it connect with the mission and impact of your institution? (Up to 100 words)
  • 15 Points – The fellows team assembled and capacity to advance goals. (Up to 250 words).
    • Also, please attach with this application a letter of support from the CEO or other C-suite leadership acknowledging the team’s participation in the learning cohort and its proposed focus.
  • 25 Points –Specific focus and organizational vision, goal, or strategy the fellows’ team will advanced through participation in this learning cohort. What will change and be achieved? (Up to 500 Words)
  • 10 Points – Institutions experience with and view of the intersection of community health, affordable housing and racial and/or rural equity. (Up to 100 words)
  • 10 Points – Previous upstream investments or activities moving toward upstream solutions focused on social determinants of health or housing. If applicable, previous affordable housing investment. (Up to 200 Words)
    • If you are a non-profit hospital or system, please provide a copy of your latest IRS Form 990 schedule H with your application.
  • 15 Points – Commitment to racial and/or rural equity goals. Experience and/or examples of successful engagement with diverse communities (Up to 200 Words).
    • If you are a non-profit hospital or system, please attach your most recent Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), if applicable.
  • 10 Points – What is the potential scope and scale of potential investment under consideration? How and what institutional assets could be used toward addressing social determinants of health and housing? (i.e., land, buildings, grants, market rate investment, program-related investment, guarantees, etc.) (Up to 250 Words)
Submission instructions

Once you have completed the application form, please save the document, and submit it with the following attachments as applicable:

  • Completed application.
  • A letter of acknowledgement and support from the CEO or C-Suite leader.
  • If Applicable, your most recent IRS Schedule H 990 Form. (For hospitals – only existing document)
  • If Applicable, your most recent Community Health Needs Assessment or executive summary outlining key priorities. (For hospitals – only existing document)


Send an email with the completed application and attachments to the Director of Housing & Health Equity at the Greater MN Housing Fund: emuschler@gmhf.com. Call with questions, concerns about application, attachments, or any other questions about the process. (612) 308-9040.

Again, you are encouraged to reach out to discuss and/or ask questions regarding the application. The full application with attachments is due January 27th by 5:00pm.   

Who can I contact with questions?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Director of the Housing & Health Equity Initiative and schedule a call to discuss an application prior to submitting the application.

  • Issue Date: December 1, 2022
  • Application Due Date: January 27, 2023
  • Contact: Eric Muschler, Director Housing & Health Equity Initiative, emuschler@gmhf.com or 612-308-9040.


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