Resources Published by and about Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

  • Emerging Markets Homeownership InitiativeEmerging Markets Homeownership Initiative
    This report covers how four Minnesota organizations worked to develop systemic changes within the home ownership industry that increase home ownership opportunities for communities of color. This study draws upon the experiences of four organizations serving greater Minnesota as part of Greater Minnesota Housing Fund’s Emerging Markets Homeownership Pilot. This pilot provided dedicated funding to launch three ...
  • Contract for Deed: Is It Right for You?Contract for Deed: Is It Right for You?
    This guide is designed to help sellers and buyers using a contract for deed agreement to finance a home purchase. It provides best practices and tips on how to properly execute a contract for deed to better ensure a successful outcome for both parties. Download the Contract for Deed Guide
  • Building Better NeighborhoodsBuilding Better Neighborhoods
    The goal of Building Better Neighborhoods is to foster the creation of safe, decent and affordable housing within cohesive, well-planned and economically balanced neighborhoods. But developing such neighborhoods and creating more livable communities takes extra attention and thoughtful planning. Building Better Neighborhoods provides many important tools to help guide the creation of affordable housing, better neighborhoods and ...


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