Permanent Financing

Thank you for your interest in Greater Minnesota Housing Fund's Affordable Housing and Community Development Loan Products.

GMHF provides several types of permanent loans on a pipeline basis, as well as gap loans through the Minnesota Housing Multifamily Request for Proposals (Super RFP), as described below.

GMHF Multifamily Permanent Financing Products

  • Permanent Loans
    To provide longer-term, amortizing debt for new construction and preservation projects.
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Loans
    Capitalize long-term tax increment financing (TIF) income stream to help pay for up-front development costs.
  • Mezzanine Loan Program
    To provide flexible loan capital that maximizes debt, leverages equity, and reduces subsidies for the construction of new workforce/family rental housing.
  • Gap Loans for Multifamily
    To provide longer-term, very-low-interest, subordinated cash-flow loans for new construction and preservation developments.
  • Small NOAH Program Loans
    Low Cost Impact Capital to Finance Small Landlords & Developers of Color in Greater Minnesota.

GMHF Single-Family Permanent Financing Products

  • Gap Loans for Single-Family
    To provide long-term, deferred loans to homeowners for home purchase assistance and owner-occupied rehabilitation.

Coordinated State Financing for Affordable Housing Gap Loans

GMHF is a funding partner with Minnesota Housing in its Impact Fund for single-family housing and its Super RFP for affordable rental housing development. Please visit Minnesota Housing’s website for current information about their funding cycles and program availability.


Details about all of GMHF’s loan products can be found in GMHF’s Loan Term Sheets.
Details about GMHF’s Small NOAH Program can be found here.

If you would like to discuss GMHF’s financing products with a staff member, please fill out our Finance Inquiry form.

GMHF can help developers make their applications to Minnesota Housing as strong as they can be. Please visit our Technical Assistance page to learn more about how GMHF staff can assist you with your application.


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