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Solving housing problems in a fast-changing environment requires new ways of thinking and acting.

Greater Minnesota Housing Fund’s timely research on emerging affordable housing issues is designed to identify the best practices and most innovative solutions in the field.

Several of GMHF’s past research efforts have changed how affordable housing in Minnesota is designed, built and financed. These efforts have also raised Minnesota’s national profile as a center of innovation and collaboration in affordable housing.

Recent research has informed policy change and action on important housing issues. Some of these issues include:

The Minnesota Employer-Assisted Housing Handbook

As a guide to both employers and community leaders, it provides a clear overview of practical EAH strategies that have created strong workforce housing programs throughout Minnesota. The guide provides several concrete program options, offers suggestions for how to attract local affordable housing resources and expertise, and provides profiles of many successful EAH programs and… Read more

So Much at Stake

This report tracks a Minnesota nonprofit housing development organization that experienced phenomenal growth and had remarkable impact in its early years, but faced many daunting mid-life challenges and eventually experienced a gradual but persistent decline in its capacity and ability to remain solvent and fulfill its mission. This dynamic organization underwent a painful but exemplary… Read more

The Space Between: Unsubsidized Housing’s Potential in Minnesota

Minnesota has a robust affordable housing system in terms of federally and locally subsidized properties, but a comparatively less systemic response exists to address unsubsidized properties that are affordable to lower-income households. These unsubsidized rental properties taken together provide more affordable housing statewide than all privately owned subsidized rental properties. Included in this group are… Read more

Workforce Housing Report

Job growth in small communities boosts the local economy, but inevitably puts new strain on the local housing market. Inadequate housing supply keeps Greater Minnesota businesses from growing to their full potential. A severe lack of housing often exists in areas where financing is unavailable. Greater Minnesota Housing Fund has researched these problems and created some… Read more


Hennepin County to help preserve affordable homes for residents.

The county’s investment is part of a $25 million metro-area initiative by the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, to acquire these units to keep them affordable. The program will target rental properties that are at risk of being converted to higher rents, and where low- and moderate-income residents are at risk of being displaced. See the… Read more

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