HRA/EDA Housing Institute

Inspiring Regional Collaboration

Greater Minnesota Housing Fund aims to enhance the effectiveness of local Housing and Redevelopment Authorities (HRAs) and Economic Development Authorities (EDAs) through the creation of regional, multi-jurisdictional housing partnerships.

Cities, counties and regions across the state are facing unprecedented fiscal challenges and drastic reductions in public resources. In the current economic environment, cost-saving solutions are essential. The Minnesota HRA/EDA Housing Institute is designed to enhance the effectiveness of HRAs and EDAs in Greater Minnesota by helping form inter-jurisdictional housing partnerships and programs that reduce costs and increase effectiveness across multiple cities and counties. The HRA/EDA Housing Institute is a joint effort of Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and Minnesota Housing Partnership.

Over the course of an 18-month training, the Housing Institute provides:

  • Peer-to-peer training among HRA and EDA board and staff leaders;
  • Legal and financial expertise on joint powers and other interagency partnerships; and
  • On-the-ground technical assistance to help local agencies move toward shared project management and joint administration of housing programs.

If you are interested in learning more about the Housing Institute, please fill out our Request Technical Assistance form.

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