Rebuilding Better Neighborhoods

GMHF has published the second book in its Building Better Neighborhoods series. "Rebuilding Better Neighborhoods" features 19 innovative developments across Minnesota that created new affordable homes.

Greater Minnesota Housing Fund is delighted to present Rebuilding Better Neighborhoods: Strategies for Reimagining Affordable Housing in Greater Minnesota.

The book showcases outstanding developments across Minnesota by some of the most innovators developers of affordable housing in the state.

Download the Book (PDF)

Each of the 19 case studies recounts how a Minnesota community came together to save, renovate or build new affordable housing to meet the needs of residents with low incomes. We’ve outlined the strategies taken, the results achieved, and the lessons learned along the way.

Greater Minnesota Housing Fund wrote this book to highlight great developments to inspire local elected officials, housing developers, funding partners and local residents with successful efforts to create affordable homes. You’ll find examples of groups that partnered to turn around an empty lot, to address neighborhoods in need of attention, to capture and revitalize a vacant property, and to breathe new life into obsolete buildings.

This book is a companion to Greater Minnesota Housing Fund’s original book, Building Better Neighborhoods, which offered design principles for new homes that foster community. The new book, Rebuilding Better Neighborhoods, turned its attention to infill development, adaptive reuse, and historic preservation to convert underused sites to much-needed affordable homes.

Ordering Copies

Copies of the book are available for purchase from Greater Minnesota Housing Fund for $24.95 plus shipping. For more information or to place an order, please contact Jill Mazullo at or 651-350-7230.

Download Sections of the BookRebuilding Better Neighborhoods cover

Introduction and Lessons Learned

Steps to Rebuild Better Neighborhoods

Infill Developments (4 Case Studies)

Historic Preservation (5 Case Studies)

Homeowner Rehab (5 Case Studies)

Neighborhood Revitalization (5 Case Studies)


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