Employer-Assisted Housing Resource Guide

A Primer for Employers and Community Leaders

If you are an employer or a community leader interested in employer-assisted housing, this publication is meant for you.

As a guide to both employers and community leaders, it provides a clear overview of practical EAH strategies that have created strong workforce housing programs throughout Minnesota.

The guide provides several concrete program options, offers suggestions for how to attract local affordable housing resources and expertise, and provides profiles of many successful EAH programs and projects in Minnesota. (Revised in fall 2014.)

A presentation slide deck on how Employer-Assisted Housing can be cost-effective for businesses is also available for download. Greater Minnesota Housing Fund has learned firsthand that the cost of turnover (recruitment and training) can be more expensive than providing a forgivable downpayment loan to an employee that will keep the employee at the company for a number of years.

Download The Employer-Assisted Housing Resource Guide
Download Presentation Slides
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